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Whether your interests lie in academic support, research, technology or health care, just to name a few, UA has unique temporary employment positions that may be for you! Flexible scheduling, networking and valuable professional experience across a wide array of disciplines are just a few of the perks!


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Compensation & Benefits

Health & Wellness

In the Health & Wellness section, learn about

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Retirement & Financial Security

In the Retirement & Financial Security section, learn about

  • Voluntary tax-deferred annuity (TDA) or Roth 403(b)

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Holidays & Leave

In the Holidays & Leave section, learn about

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Employee Support

In the Employee Support section, learn about

  • TouchCare
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • LifeWorks
  • Benefit Enhancement Program - Powered by Corestream
  • Benefit News
  • Scheduling time with Benefits

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Classification & Compensation

In the Classification & Compensation section, learn about

  • Compensation
  • Position Classification & Job Families
  • Educational Attainment Incentive Program

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Growth and Development

University of Alaska employees are provided incentives and multiple modalities in which they can take control of their education, career and development, and personal growth through continuing education resources and opportunities, tuition waivers, and fun and engaging health & wellness programs. Check out UA's ever-expanding Employee Engagement & Development Center for more information.

Employee Engagement & Development Center

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Living in Alaska

You know it's the biggest state in the U.S., but did you know that Alaska also has some of the most varied, diverse, and gorgeous natural landscapes in the country? Between tundra, forests, rainforests, wetlands, and ocean, you're sure to find a place where adventure awaits. Check out UA's Living in Alaska page for information on what it is like living in the last frontier, and specifically the communities in which our world-class universities reside.

Living in Alaska